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Byte Club

Byte Club

Byte Club is the Computer Club of Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura

About the Club

So here's a bit about us. We are visionaries, who love to discuss and debate about tech and to make it a part of our life. We believe in working as a single unit, i.e. Byte and we do this by participating in various events and taking initiatives for social awareness through various projects.

Forever EV3

Byte Club

Team India for RoboCup 2017

This was my team for RoboCup 2017. We represented India at RoboCup Junior Rescue-Line 2017 at Nagoya, Japan.

About the Team

We love to deal with all forms of technology. For RoboCup Junior, we built rescue robots that simulate autonomous rescue operation. Apart from Robotics, we enjoy making websites, films and apps. When it comes to technology, we are the optimists who feel it has the capability to change the world and the way we live. We take problems as challenges and strongly believe in the fact that every problem has a solution. We like programming, graphic designing, robotics, web development and all that can help make a positive impact on the world. We speak C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C# and PHP.


Byte Club

This is a parody website I made on the Google Pixel and the iPhone 7. It intends to throw some light on to how smartphone companies have started to do crazy stuff, such as removing features like the headphone jack, while others have come up with some amazing devices.

Pair of Linear Equations

Byte Club

This is a simple website I made that works as a simultaneous linear equation solver. Given a system of two linear equations in two variables each, this calculator can solve it.


Line Follower Robot using Computer Vision

In 2020, I decided to try a non-traditional approach to line-follower robots. Instead of using a pair of color sensors to detect the line, I decided to use a camera. This approach makes it roughly equivalent to using more than 2 million color sensors (each pixel being equivalent to a color sensor). Further, using basic calculus, I developed and coded a PID-controller-based line following algorithm, which makes the robot take smooth turns, unlike the abrupt turns a regular line follower robot takes.

Dual-Sensor PID Line Follower Algorithm

A project I made for RoboCup Junior 2017. I took the traditional single-sensor PID Controller algorithm for Lego Mindstorms EV3 and made changes to successfully make it work with two sensors. It's completely open-source now.


Plasticized Paradise: Stop the Lamination of Earth

A short film I made (directed, filmed and edited) for the National Science Film Festival of India, 2019.

It highlights the fact that the growing amount of plastic waste is a big problem, and also suggests a unique solution - using that plastic to make bricks.

Nomination and Screening, CMS Vatavaran 2019
Official Selection, EduDoc 2018
Official Selection, In-Short Film Festival 2018

Machine Learning

Linear Regression

My implementation of a Linear Regression model in C++. It can find the linear regression line and make predictions on the data based on the slope-intercept form of a line y = mx + c.


My first TensorFlow project. It attempts to replicate the SeeFood app from the show 'Silicon Valley'. It classifies images as 'Hot Dog' or 'Not Hot Dog'.


Pi Music

A project I made on Pi Day. This is a C++ program that maps each of the first 100 decimal places of Pi to a frequency in an octave (plus two notes from the next octave) and plays the notes in the order in which the corresponding digits occur in the decimal expansion of Pi. This creates a beautiful sounding melody just out of the decimal expansion of Pi.